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Auto Glass Now Windshield Replacement Results Review from Baxley, Georgia
I went to the Tucker Ga location to have my front windshield repaired. I had to bring my vehicle back for repairs, due to not property sealing my windshield. After a car wash water began leaking in my car damaging my upholstery. I brought my vehicle back they had me wait 45mins to tell me that a part had to be ordered, but the problem was visible upon looking at the windshield, and the part isn't a part that is kept at any of their locations. I...
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We brought our vehicle into this company to have them replace our broken wiindshield. After we first left we started noticing issues right away!! We have now had to drop the vehicle off to them SIX times to have it correctly fixed. Each visit leaving our car with them all day to be told the problem was finally fixed. We are currently outside waiting as again we left our car here all day only to come pick it up and visibly see more problems. The...
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Auto Glass Now took three and a half hours to replace a windshield. They didn't have the glass on site and had to send someone across town to pick it up at another location. Then they went on break for lunch. When I complained, they said it was my fault because I called the national 800 number and they didn't get notified until after the daily delivery time. If they had told me to come back in the afternoon, I would have. I saved fifteen dollars...
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I was absolutely and positively impressed with the service of Auto Glass Now in Concord, N.C. from the first phone call to them through the completed installation; could not have had a better experience. All employees polite, knowledgeable, helpful, and showed real concern for the customers problem and came to me to complete the work requested. The replacement of my windshield was fast and professionally done and I really appreciate all the help...
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I liked
  • Very happy with service
After scheduling an appointment with them for 11am on Monday, I was called and told that they could not get me in at 11am. By the time I called back, they had no appointments available. While waiting on hold, I could hear the lady talking and she told a customer what a pain customer service is. Very unprofessional company. I was on hold for 7 minutes with the Fredericksburg office and another 8 with the Richmond office. I took a clue that I...
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I didn't like
  • Unprofessional
  • Not a good company
  • Not trustworthy
Had my windshield replaced on December 10, 2015 at the location on Colerain Avenue in Cincinnati Ohio. When picking up my vehicle they proceeded to tell me that there was rust under my windshield and therefore could not stand by their lifetime warranty. They also proceeded to tell me even there was no warranty that I should have any issues for years to come because it wasn't that bad. The next day it rained and of course my window poured a...
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I had these folks replace a windshield and my windshield had an inspection sticker on it. The installer did not remove or even mention anything in reference to the sticker. I now have to drive a 100 miles to have a state trooper physically replace the sticker. I called the Dundalk, MD store and the manager there was very short and flatly said "Nothing I Can Do". It was their installers error. I've had probably 10 windshields replaced in my...
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I'm in the process of trying to work this out.of course the manager was supposed to call me but she didn't! So I will call tomorrow and try again! I don't drive this vehicle very much so when I realized that the inside of my truck was damp I have green mildrew on my passenger seat! I'm livid! If they don't fix my truck right not only will my insurance company be filing a claim against them but I will contact the BBB. I'm tired of companies doing...
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I didn't like
  • Way i was treated when i called with my problem
So unprofessional! I called and a mobil guy came out to my house and replaced my windshield. A few days later, it rained. Everything was wet the next day, my steering wheel. I called and the manager told me to bring it into their shop, so I did. Their installers weren't there, so I rescheduled a third time and a guy came out to where I live and said he'd replace it. The guy got there and started gluing the windshield and I told him, no thats not...
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BUYER BEWARE Auto Glass Now might be able to “beat anyone's price” but cheapest isn't always the best. I had the windshield in my Honda Accord replaced August 24, 2015 by this company. The technician came to my house installed the windshield he was prompt and courteous. He instructed me to leave this tape on the windshield for 24 hours then it could be removed. The next morning I removed the tape it had been raining the night before so I...
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